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Record Upload

Deadline for uploading record: 03-10-2022 to 05-11-2022  (Ends at 23:59)

Pay attention before uploading records

(1) The conference only accepts one-time activity records .
(2) The conference only accepts STRAVA to submit record results. The STRAVA account must be set to public. All participants must submit the STRAVA activity record to link to the Race Timing Solution system, and clearly take photos with the number bib at the starting and ending points.
(3) The submitted STRAVA activity record shall be calculated based on the elapsed time
(Elapsed Time), and the running time (Moving Time) is not applicable.
Record upload method

Uploaded at the following URL

Please fill out:
(1) Edit code (shown on the registration receipt)

(2) Complete the GPX record of the competition (only STRAVA's activity record link is accepted)

(3) Starting point, card slot and end position, taking photos with the number bib

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