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 Terms and Conditions

Registration Rules


1. Late registration or incomplete information will not be accepted.

2. Participants must ensure that the information submitted for registration is correct. Participants will not be able to change their personal information after completing registration and payment.

3. Duplicate registration is counted as one person registration only. There will be no refund, return and name change arrangements.

4. If a participant provides incorrect information, fails to complete the payment, or is not eligible to participate, the conference will reserve the right to cancel the competition, and the paid fee will not be refunded. The conference will also call Mail or other methods to inquire or request supplementary information to the contestants.

5. If the number of registrations for any event exceeds the quota for the event, the conference will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, while the quota is full; the conference reserves the right to make the final decision. Those who failed to sign up,     The conference will notify and arrange refunds via email within four to six weeks after the deadline for registration.

6. The conference reserves the right to stop registration before or after the deadline for registration without any prior notice.

7. After completing the registration and payment, it means that the contestant abides by and accepts all the terms, rules and arrangements set by all the conferences.

8. The competition will distribute finished T-shirts according to the size selected by the contestants, and there will be no replacement. The number bib cannot be transferred to others.

Exercise record

1. Participants must use a GPS-enabled sports watch or running app to record and upload exercise records, otherwise they will be disqualified.


2. The uploaded exercise record must clearly show the date, time, distance and route map of the exercise for the purpose of calculating the results.


3. The conference only accepts sports records from October 3, 2022 (00:00 Hong Kong time) to November 2, 2022 (23:59 Hong Kong time) during the event period. Overdue records will not be accepted.


4. Repeatedly uploaded exercise records will be considered invalid. The conference only accepts and verifies one record.


5. The conference will check and verify the sports records uploaded by all participants. If any false sports record is found, the organizer reserves the right to delete the false record and cancel the participant/participating organizationThe right to qualification.                                                                                    

Results Announcement

1.  Kailas Ultra Fish N Sheep 50 does not have an appeal mechanism. All participants must successfully submit a sports record approved by the conference within the specified time, including sports time and distance. It is used to calculate grades.

2. All awards will only be awarded at the designated time, and there will be no replacement or pre-collection.

3. All contestants who have submitted relevant sports records will receive rich souvenirs after they are confirmed by the conference.


Participant's Declaration

1. The event is voluntary. Participants are willing to bear all risks and responsibilities, and have no right to claim from the conference for their own injuries, accidents, deaths or any other forms of damage caused by this event. Formal loss claims or accountability.

2. Participants are responsible for their own personal insurance.

3. Participants need to have enough training and rest before the competition, pay attention to their physical condition, and replenish water in a timely manner. If they find that they are unwell, they should not force the competition.

4. Participants should pay attention to the road conditions during the race. If passing a road or a vehicle entrance, they should let the vehicle pass before moving forward to avoid accidents.


5. Participants must take their own safety as the top priority if the weather is bad during the race, suspend the race by themselves and go to a safe place for temporary shelter.


Final Decision

1. The General Assembly reserves the right to amend these articles of association at any time without notice.


2. In case of any dispute, the conference reserves the right of final decision.


3. The conference reserves the right to cancel the qualifications and results of those who have violated, violated or disobeyed any event rules. The fee for the disqualified contestant will not be refunded.


4. The General Assembly has the final decision on this event. Any temporary changes related to the competition/event will be announced on the event Facebook and website.


Personal Information Collection Statement

The conference will collect the personal information of the contestants in accordance with its privacy policy. Participants can obtain their privacy policy directly from the conference. Participants registering and or participating in the competition activities mean that they agree to the conference to collect personal and other information provided by the participants or to enable the conference to obtain the relevant competition. Participants agree that the conference and other cooperative organizations can transfer the information to each other and agree that the organization can use the information for all purposes related to the competition, including but not limited to coordination, operation, promotion and marketing purposes. If there is no further consent from the participants, the conference and other cooperative organizations will not collect participant information for other purposes.


After the participant signs up, he agrees to the following disclaimer and activity rules and guidelines:

"I declare that I will abide by the age limit of the event, and abide by the event rules and guidelines of the event. I declare that I will participate in the event when my health is appropriate, and at my own risk. I accept that the event will be I shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, litigation, claims, costs or expenses. I hereby allow the conference to upload my videos and photos during the event to the conference Facebook. I understand that the registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. I am before participating in the event Agree to the above activity rules and guidelines."

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